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Southern Weddings

We do things differently down here...

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This community is for
brides who are getting married in the south. We all know there are major
differences between weddings here and weddings in other places, such as budget,
styles, etiquette, etc. Here you're welcome to discuss anything regarding
weddings or your impending marriage, as well as vendor recommendations. While
the community isn't much now, I hope that will change soon!


Be nice. Stress runs high
while planning a wedding, and just because you disagree with something that
another person is doing, there is no reason to be rude. Let's remember the
golden rule.

If YOU have something on
Ebay that you are selling, you are welcome to post the link. If you are JUST an
ebay seller who wants to advertise, you are not welcome here. There are other
communities for that.

Place multiple photos
under a cut please!