soadchik (soadchik) wrote in southernwedding,

Intro Post

Hey!!! Many of you prob know me from weddingplans.. anyhoo here's the basic info:

Name: Sumati (soadchik)
Groom: Brian
The Day: October 1, 2005  (eek! only 2 months to go!!!)
Place: Jackson, MS
Theme/Colors: Fuchsia, Orange, Red, & Yellow.. with Indian accents

I've gotten pretty much everything planned so far.. we still have to find a reasonably priced DJ (so if any MS brides know any?) and that's pretty much it besides some small things here and there!  :)  We expect to have 100-160 people.. we are inviting around 170.

well... i was going to post pics.. but photobucket is being an ass right now.
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